Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Twelve Days of Zentangle - Day 8

I made my own 2x2 inch tiles out of card stock and I was surprised to see how tiny the Bijou tiles are. They were pretty fun to work with though and just the right size for these tiny crowns. I couldn't resist adding some color to mine.

I used a white tile for the crown below and drew mine pretty much like Maria did hers in the video. I used purple colored pencil to accent the jewels and the border and added touches of metallic gold Gelly Roll here and there. I colored the background black with a Micron pen.

I drew the crown below on a black tile with a white Gelly Roll pen. Again, I accented this one with the gold pen as well as some colored pencil.
Visit the Zentangle blog HERE to read about and watch each day's video. You'll also see some of ways that Maria and Rick used their mini crowns. I left mine flat so that I could scan them.

· Noom Repus
· Miscellaneous tangles

· White Bijou Tile (2 x 2 inches)
· Micron PN pen (or regular Micron pen)
· Pencil
· Tortillon 

Below you can see the size differences between a standard Zentangle tile, a Zendala tile and a Bijou tile.



  1. Here is a question. You produce a lot of these, it looks like at least several per day. I understand part of the point of Zentangle is for it to be a calming, meditative exercise (and also you've mentioned your drawing skills have improved). But what do you do with all of the completed tangles? You must have a ton of them by now!

    1. For now I'm filing the tiles in an old floppy disk storage box. They fit perfectly. I'm not sure what I will do with these Twelve Days of Zentangle projects yet because they're all manner of sizes and shapes.