Monday, December 18, 2017

Twelve Days of Zentangle - Day 7

Once again, I had to wing it and use materials that I have on hand. I don't have any pre-strung Zendala tiles so I had to make my own using card stock and mandala patterns that I found online. I picked out a few designs that weren't too intricate and that looked like they might work well with Zentangle patterns. I lightened the black outlines to a pale gray in Paint Shop Pro then I copied them into Publisher and placed them behind circle outlines the size of the real tiles. I printed three "Zendalas" per page and printed them on three different colors of card stock. I think the tan card stock that I have might be similar to the color of the Renaissance ones.

I made the white tile above first just to get the feel of tangling on a template. I wasn't keen on how the tan tile below was looking at first so I really put a lot of effort into embellishing it until I was happy with it. I like it very much now except for the diamond areas on the outer edge. I might re-make that tile and use a different tangle inside the diamonds.

Visit the Zentangle blog HERE to read about and watch each day's video.

· Auraknot (similar to)
· Miscellaneous filler tangles

· Renaissance Zendala tile 
· Micron PN pen (or regular Micron pen)
· Micron 01 pen (brown ink)
· Pencil
· Tortillon
· White charcoal pencil
· White Gelly Roll pen  


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