Thursday, November 2, 2017

Today's Tangles

"Capper Topper" is by Cindy  Angiel and it's posted HERE on her Flickr page. I followed the pattern but added color in the center of each leaf.

"DecoLoop" is by Ina Sonnenmoser and her pattern is HERE at As you can see, I didn't follow Ina's pattern exactly. After step 3 I kind of went my own way with it and decided to aura the whole thing. The second tile above is the back of the first one and I played around with other ideas for the "seedlings". It's hard to see but I drew a very pale blue aura on the back of the tile and a light yellow one on the front of the tile. I really like the red and green version and I think it would be nice on a Christmas tile.

I first saw this design, which is called "DecoLoop Echo", when I watched Dawn's YouTube video HERE. When I went to find the step-out HERE at, that's when I saw Ina's original "DecoLoop" so I tried them both.

"Trix" is by Lucy Farran and her pattern is posted at HERE.


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