Monday, November 27, 2017

Today's Tangles

This is another tangle from Rudolf Wohlgemuth's Zendoodle - Kreatives Zeichnen site. He calls this one "Blossom #11" and it's posted on THIS page.

"Aloha" is by Suzanne and can be found HERE on her Boomeresque blog. I like the version that I saw posted on The Ragged Ray blog HERE so that's how I drew mine. I'm not entirely happy with the way the thin lines at the bottom of my leaves turned out so I will try to find a way to draw them a little neater next time.

I wanted to make a Zentangle Christmas card so I tried a few tangles that feature holly. In the end, I decided to use tangles that weren't so obviously Christmassy but I think that this one is rather pretty.

The step-out for Linda Dawson's "Holly" is posted HERE at I drew my grid in pencil then erased it when I was finished.

Vicki Bassett's "Roscoe" tangle pattern is also at and you'll find it HERE. I might not have tried this pattern had I not seen THIS example of it by Yvonne Walter on Pinterest. Her version looks very Art Deco and that inspired me to try it. It's a little complicated to draw but drawing it on a regular square pencil grid made it a lot easier. I erased the grid when I was done so it's not readily apparent where the grid lines were. Each of the half moon shapes was drawn alternately at the top or bottom of one of the squares and spanned the whole width of its square. I drew the double horizontal lines in pen first as well as the outside border.


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Today's Tangles

This pattern called "133" is by Damy Teng CZT and the step-out is HERE on her blog. After drawing it first as the pattern directs, I thought I'd try adding an aura around it as well as some color as you can see in the example below. It's pretty but I like it even better that way.

"Balo" is also found on Damy's blog HERE. has links to a couple of videos HERE.

You'll find Shazia's pattern for "Amy" HERE at

This last pattern called "Oslo" is by Elaine Benfatto and the pattern is posted HERE on Flickr.

To those who celebrate the holiday, have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow .


Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Tuesday Tangles

Today's post features variations of three tangles - Fifzen, Sternblumen and one that I don't have a name for.

I saw this no-name pattern HERE. The image file name is "UU006" so that's what I'm calling it. I translated the page but I don't see any reference to a step-out for any of the patterns on that page. It wasn't hard to figure out how to draw it though.

"Fifzen" is by Katelyn Polanar and the step-out is posted on her TheLonelyMaiden Deviant Art page HERE. I drew my examples with the fronds upside down like you would draw Fescu. Once I got the hang of drawing it, I got the idea to do something similar to "Mooka" with it and I like it very much this way:

"Sternblumen" is from THIS blog and is by Simone Bischoff.


Monday, November 20, 2017

Today's Tangles

Vicki Bassett's "Fandango" can be found at HERE. I decided to give the pattern a try after watching THIS YouTube video.

This tangle as well as the one below don't actually have names. I found them both HERE on Rudolf Wohlgemuth's Zendoodle - Kreatives Zeichnen site. The name under the one above is "shingle #02" and the one below is called "geo #09-11"

I found Debra Bryan's "Trellys" HERE at


Sunday, November 19, 2017

Today's Tangles

"Yagi" is by Lizzie Mayne and the pattern is HERE on her blog. I had doubts that I'd be able to draw it properly but surprisingly it was pretty easy to do. I had fun shading and coloring it too.

I have no idea how to pronounce the name of this one. It's called "Shplakalei". It is by Katelyn Polanar and the step-out is posted on her TheLonelyMaiden Deviant Art page HERE. I added shading to give mine a layered look.

This tangle is "Flourish" by Stephanie Skelton. You'll find her pattern HERE on her blog. I tweaked my example a little by coloring in the tips of the "Fescu". I also experimented with different ways of embellishing the flower petals.

"Wengz" is by Dianne Krumnow and the pattern is posted HERE on her blog.


Friday, November 17, 2017

Quirky Tangles

"Huabao" is by YuRu Chen and you'll find the step-out HERE at

"Puchong" is by Michelle Lim CZT. The pattern is HERE at There is a video tutorial for this pattern HERE.

This pattern called "Ropuz" is a little strange but it is kind of fun to draw. It's by Natalie Plechkova and the pattern can be found HERE at There are several video links there too.

"Funlz Reborn" was adapted by Ina Sonnenmoser from the "Funlz" pattern. Click HERE for Ina's step-out and HERE for the original "Funlz" pattern by Margaret Bremner. Margaret's version is drawn on a grid and Ina's is drawn free-form.


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Today's Tangles

"Lido" is by Dawn Collins and the step-out is HERE at Dawn also has a video tutorial on that page.

"On Target" by Barbara Finwall is another Op-Art style tangle similar to the "Eye Test" tangle that I blogged about HERE. The pattern is HERE on Flickr.

"Frame Over" is by Linda Rea and her step-out is HERE on Flickr.

"Heavenly" is very complicated to draw but I wanted to try it just to see if I could do it. I started with a pencil grid which helped me with the placement of the initial dots and seeds. There is no indication in the step-out as to how to finish off the outer edge. Mine looked a bit of a mess so I added the thick black outline to cover it up. That shouldn't be an issue if you use this tangle to fill a space between other tangles. The pattern is on The Tangle Corner blog HERE.


Monday, November 13, 2017

Today's Tangles

"Naida" is by Stephanie Jennifer. Her step-out is HERE on her blog and you can watch her YouTube tutorial HERE. Laura Harms also has a video for this tangle HERE.

If you go to the Tangled Up in Art blog, this pattern called "SSStripe" is the second one down on THIS page. It's such a simple cute little tangle but I think it will make a nice divider. In my examples, I drew little ovals instead of eye shapes.

"Bugler" is by Linda Rea (texasdoxiemama) and her pattern is posted HERE on Flickr. I had fun coloring this one.

I'm particularly fond of drawing this type of grid tangle and I love how the shading makes the design look so dimensional. "Flip-Flap" is Staub Korn's tangleation of another tangle by Lizzie Mayne called "Lap". The step-out and three video links can be found HERE at


Sunday, November 12, 2017

New Zentangle Video Series

I've had to put away my beading stuff until after Thanksgiving so yesterday I spent some time watching the new video series by the creators of Zentangle. Click HERE to go to their YouTube channel. The idea is that you should buy a Project Pack which contains all of the materials that you'll need to do each of the tutorials in the series. There are nine videos that go with Zentangle® Project Pack #01. I don't have the project pack but I was able to do four of the tutorials using materials that I have on hand. Series #1 features mainly black Zentangle tiles and Sakura White Gelly Roll® pens in three tip sizes. I used some black card stock squares and the one Gelly Roll pen that I have which has the medium size 08 tip. Sakura recently came out with extra fine 05 tip and bold size 10 tip pens.

If you're interested in purchasing the project pack, it's for sale on the Zentangle site HERE. Oddly, it doesn't say what comes in the kit but what they showed in the videos were the three white gel pens, a white charcoal pencil, a tortillion, a Renaissance Square 3.5" Tile, a Black Apprentice Tile, a Black 3z Tile (triangle), Black Square 3.5" Tiles, a Black Pre-strung Zendala Tile and a Black Bijou Tile. I don't actually know how many of each kind of tile you get but it must be enough to at least complete each of the tutorials. The Zentangle site only sells the Sakura White Gelly Roll® Medium 08 Pen separately and not the other two sizes (see my update below). I didn't have any luck using Sakura's store finder on their website to find a store that sells the new sizes. Amazon carries both of the new sizes but they're out of the size 10 tip pens and only have a small number of the size 05 pens left in stock. I don't really need six of each size anyway and the medium point pen is readily available and is fine for most things.

UPDATE: Since I posted this yesterday, the Zentangle site has added the two new Gelly Roll pen sizes to their shop. You can buy the size 05 pens HERE, the size 08 pens HERE and the size 10 pens HERE. They are $1.49 each.

Below I will tell you about the four video tutorials that I tried and show you the examples that I drew. Clicking the title of a project will take you to that video.

Project Pack #01 -- WarmUp

I really wanted to try this one because it features a tangle design that hasn't been published. It's also the introduction to this first series. It came out very cool looking and it was fun and easy to draw. I did add some shading like Molly did on hers but I decided to erase it because I like it better without it. The outside stripes were my idea just to fill the empty space on my tile. Molly drew hers on a tiny Bijou tile so she didn't have much space left around her drawing. If you're just getting started with Zentangle, this tutorial is great because it teaches some of the most basic techniques.

PP01 - Dewd

I was also excited to try their brand new tangle called "Dewd". It's just the sort of tangle that I love. I drew the example above as directed in the video by Maria accompanied by Rick and Molly's right hand (you'll have to watch the video to know what I'm talking about). I'm happy with how it turned out with the white ink on the black tile. However, I ran into some issues when trying to draw "Dewd" on a light tile with a regular black Micron pen. When I used a bold tip pen it came out too fat and chunky looking. I recommend drawing it with an 01 or no fatter than an 03.

The example above was my first successful "Dewd" drawing using black ink. The trick seems to be to keep all of the lines as close together as possible so that the result doesn't look clunky. I also found that my little dewds tend to come out more wild and curly when drawing them with black ink versus white on black. Rather than making a halo around the outside, I did a much narrower shadow close to the edge. The added color really brings it to life.

I was having a lot of fun drawing "Dewd" and adding color and came up with the example above and the one below. On the one below, I drew Fescu-style tips on my dewds instead of round shapes. I used my white Gelly Roll pen to add the highlights in both examples.

Zentangle® Project Pack #01 - Crescent Moon

The next tutorial that I tried was "Crescent Moon" taught by Rick. I have drawn "Crescent Moon" before but not with white on black. This is one where I wish I'd had all three sizes of Gelly Roll pens. I wasn't able to achieve the same effect as Rick did with his but it was still fun to draw along with him.

Zentangle® Project Pack #01 -- Crazy Huggins

I have drawn "Huggins" before and "Shattuck" but I'm pretty sure that I hadn't tried "Crazy Huggins". I loved Molly's idea of filling the Huggins shapes with other tangles and I had never tried "Nzeppel" or "Crazy Nzeppel" before. "Crazy Nzeppel" is another tangle that I think looks better with white ink on black paper than with black ink on white paper. I did add some dark shading to mine but not as dramatically as Molly does. I kept my shading very close to the edges and only blended it out a little. I added the white charcoal highlights like Molly did but I'm not sure if I'm keen on that look. White Charcoal pencil can be erased so I may end up removing it.

So, if you think you'd like to give Zentangle a try, I think this video series is a great way to get started even if you just follow the tutorials using supplies that you already have on hand.