Sunday, August 3, 2014

Playing with my Beads...LiriGal's bracelet tweaked

I've come up with something that lays relatively flat but still looks similar to LiriGal's bracelet. I also wasn't happy with the plain edge on LiriGal's so I embellished mine. I'll try to describe what I did below. I added numbers to LiriGal's pattern so you'll know which steps I'm referring to.
STEP 1-6: Make as directed by LiriGal's pattern. After completing step 6, I wove back around through the netting and popped out the center bead of each arch by skipping that bead. That creates neat little points.

STEP 7: Do this step as directed but weave back around each picot a second time, skipping the center bead. Doing this makes those little crosses of beads more stable.

STEP 8: I won't make the clasp loops as she makes them. I'll come up with something that I like better when I make a bracelet. I skipped the 4 bead netting that she adds on each corner of the bracelet and also changed how the rest of the netting is added and only used 3 seed beads instead of 4. Instead of adding it between the center points of the picots, I did it more like Michelle Skobel's pattern. So, I wove around so that I came up through a left bead of a picot, picked up 3 seed beads, then went down through the right seed bead of the next picot. I repeated this all the way across on both sides.

Next, I wove back around to the netting I just added. For each trio of netting beads, I went through the first one, skipped the middle one and went through the third one, popping out the center bead to form a little point.

The top sample is my tweaked version and the bottom one is one of the samples that I made the other day by following LiriGal's pattern as written. Some of the beads along the edge do stick up a little, but it's not all that noticeable and I might be able to press the bracelet flat under something heavy. At least it's not all warped like my other samples came out.

You can read more about my experiments with this pattern HERE and HERE. The beads that I used in my tweaked sample are Miyuki 11/0 seed beads "Dark Bronze (11-457D)" and 4mm
"Peridot Twilight" fire polished beads.

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  1. Thank you for a lovely pattern and bracelet ☺