Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A new blog for 2014

I've had my In the Kitchen with Linda low carb blog since last June and I've been wanting to start another one where I can post about my various craft and graphics projects. The hardest part is writing the first post but here goes...

My good friend, Teejay, got me interested in beading a little over a year ago and I've been beading up a storm ever since. It's great fun and very relaxing, at least when my thread isn't a tangled mess. Teejay and I met at Michele's Paint Shop Pro Newbie 101 forum where we are both moderators. We both love beading as well as creating digital graphics with Paint Shop Pro.

To get started, I thought I'd post about the beaded earrings that I made yesterday for my Step Mom. Both of the patterns that I used are favorites that I've used many times. The first pair were made using the free Arula Earrings pattern which I found on the Mézesmama gyöngyei blog. I didn't want to make them using Rulla beads so I tweaked the pattern in order to make them with 3mm druks or pearls instead. I've made these earrings in all sorts of different colors and they're very quick and easy to make.

I used 15/0 and 11/0 Miyuki Dark Bronze (457D) seed beads, 3mm pearls from Beads One, which is a local bead shop, and for the drops I used some oval pearls that I found in the dollar bin at Walmart.

The tutorial for the second pair of earrings comes from Nunzia Scalpore's "Easy Earrings" YouTube video. This time I only made the top section of the earrings from the video and added a dangle at the bottom of them.
I used 15/0 Miyuki Dark Bronze (457D) seed beads, 4mm black rondelles from Beads One and 6mm black bicones, also from Beads One.
Here is another favorite pair of earrings that I made from Nunzia's tutorial that have the top and bottom sections:

I'll continue posting about my beadwork and I will also post examples of some of my digital graphics projects as well as tips and tutorials. I use Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8 to create and edit my graphics (such as the background wallpaper of this blog) and Microsoft Publisher 97 to create my greeting cards, calendars and other desktop publishing projects. I do have later versions of both programs but I use those two versions most of the time.

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