Sunday, April 8, 2018

Today's Tangles

I tried Diana E. Marshall's "Carved Lattice" after watching Dawn's video about the pattern. Download the pattern HERE from You'll also find the link to Dawn's video there.

I love the shape of these "Laflor" flowers. You can get this pattern, which is by Elena Babayants, HERE at There are also a couple of video links on that page.

"Mooka-grid Butterfly" is by Millie Galliher. The step-out is HERE at Melinda Barlow and Dawn Collins both did videos about this pattern recently, HERE and HERE.

"Mooka-grid Seed" is also by Millie Galliher and the pattern is HERE at There is also a link to Dawn's video there. I played around with mine a little and turned the Mookas so that they all face toward the center of the tile. I also went a little crazy filling in the spaces around the Mookas.


"Pickpocket", by Tomás Padrós, is all the rage at the moment on the Tangle It! Pattern Club Facebook page. It's a challenging tangle to draw but it's just the sort of pattern that I enjoy drawing. You'll find the pattern HERE on Instagram. Laura Harms has a video HERE where she makes it look way too easy to draw this pattern. There are two other videos HERE and HERE by The Tireless Tangler and Ellen Wolters.

This is another example of "Pickpocket".

This tangle enhancer is called "Triangulation" and is by Betsy Wilson CZT. Her instructions are HERE on her blog. Once I got the hang of it, I had a lot of fun drawing this and tried it with three different shapes.


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