Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Tangles for Tuesday

I hope to get back to beading soon but, once I do, it will take a while before I have things to take photos of and blog about. In the meantime, here are some more tangles that I drew recently. All of them except for "Selfeat" are posted at Pattern-Collections.com.

"Boa-Xin" is by Leaf Yeh and the step-out can be found HERE. There are a couple of video tutorials there too.

Erika Bonham Kehlet's "Clem" pattern is HERE. You probably can't tell but I used glitter gel pens to color the flowers,

"Fluffy", by Kasturi Das is HERE.

Ina Sonnenmoser's "Mehndi Aura Flower" can be found HERE.

"Miss 1969" is by Ellen Wolters and the pattern is posted HERE. There are a couple of video links there as well.

Smita Toke's "RangoliLiner" pattern is HERE. I had fun coloring this one and I added some accent dots with a metallic gold gel pen.

Karin Klang-Meier's "Relly-Telly-One" can be found HERE.

I found "Selfeat", which is by Tomas Padros, HERE on his Instagram page. Click the arrow to the right of his photo to see his step-out. I don't usually have much luck drawing tangles like this but this one was surprisingly easy to make. Now that I know how to draw it, I'm looking forward to making a larger one.


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