Thursday, November 9, 2017

Today's Tangles

Today I'm posting two versions that I drew of two different tangles. The first one is called "Jute" which I think is by Sandy Steen Bartholomew. It appears to be from her book called "Alphatangle, Expanded Workbook Edition: For Zentangle®, Coloring, and More". The step-out that I saw online is from an example page HERE on Amazon and it's very vague on how to draw it. However, I figured out that it's not hard to draw on a pencil grid, which I later erased. Each of the sections or "stitches" uses two squares in the grid. Draw a whole diagonal row (or column) going in one direction, shifting over one square as you add each one. Then, draw the next row going the other direction in the same manner. Just alternate directions each time you add another row. I tried once to give each stitch a slight curve but found it too hard to draw that way on the grid. So, I drew the center line on each stitch with a curve and also curved my colored pencil strokes which kind of makes them appear to be curved. I drew the example above first but decided that I like it better with smaller stitches so I drew the example below. Next time I will try making it even smaller and perhaps use it to fill an area of a tile that contains other tangles.

There is a YouTube tutorial HERE but I don't think I'd be able to draw this design using that method and not end up with a mess. Without a grid to work on, my drawing tends to go all wonky.

"Half Orbs" is by Mina Hsiao CZT and her step-out can be found HERE at I had my doubts at first that I'd be able to draw this neatly enough to make me happy but it came out very pretty even if my lines and shapes aren't consistent in shape or size. I drew my grid with pencil so that I could erase it later.


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