Monday, November 27, 2017

Today's Tangles

This is another tangle from Rudolf Wohlgemuth's Zendoodle - Kreatives Zeichnen site. He calls this one "Blossom #11" and it's posted on THIS page.

"Aloha" is by Suzanne and can be found HERE on her Boomeresque blog. I like the version that I saw posted on The Ragged Ray blog HERE so that's how I drew mine. I'm not entirely happy with the way the thin lines at the bottom of my leaves turned out so I will try to find a way to draw them a little neater next time.

I wanted to make a Zentangle Christmas card so I tried a few tangles that feature holly. In the end, I decided to use tangles that weren't so obviously Christmassy but I think that this one is rather pretty.

The step-out for Linda Dawson's "Holly" is posted HERE at I drew my grid in pencil then erased it when I was finished.

Vicki Bassett's "Roscoe" tangle pattern is also at and you'll find it HERE. I might not have tried this pattern had I not seen THIS example of it by Yvonne Walter on Pinterest. Her version looks very Art Deco and that inspired me to try it. It's a little complicated to draw but drawing it on a regular square pencil grid made it a lot easier. I erased the grid when I was done so it's not readily apparent where the grid lines were. Each of the half moon shapes was drawn alternately at the top or bottom of one of the squares and spanned the whole width of its square. I drew the double horizontal lines in pen first as well as the outside border.


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