Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Suede SuperDuo Beads - They're Back!

I've been checking periodically to see if Aria Design Studio has the "Suede" SuperDuo beads back in stock and tonight I see that they are back and there are more colors than before. Here's the list of colors that are available:

Metallic Suede Blue:

Metallic Suede Brown:
Metallic Suede Dark Purple (I have some of the purple and it looks much more purple than this photo):
Metallic Suede Dark Teal:
Metallic Suede Gold:
Metallic Suede Navy:
Metallic Suede Olive:
Metallic Suede Pink:
Metallic Suede Teal:
Here are some of the projects that I've blogged about that I made with the Suede SuperDuos:

Click HERE to go to Aria Design Studio's Etsy shop.

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