Friday, March 7, 2014

Aisling update

I finally had a chance to make a small sample of the Aisling Bracelet pattern and now I remember one problem that I ran into the last time I tried the pattern. There is apparently a typo or mistake in Step 15 of the tutorial. If you go through the beads as directed, you'll run into trouble later when you add the netting along the edge. When you add the netting later, you're supposed to go through the three 11/0 seed beads indicated by the white arrow in my photo below. As you can see, the three beads at the top of the sample aren't aligned in the same way. The hole of the center bead is going up and down instead of from side to side so there is no way to go through that bead along with the other two. I'm going to see what I can do to fix that when I add the next motif. I think I can see what I should do. Instead of going down through those four seed beads, I need to skip the top one and only go through the three below it even though the tutorial says to go through that top bead. We shall see if that works or not.

Back to the beads...

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