Friday, February 7, 2014

New Pattern: Desert Flowers Bracelet

This afternoon I tried a new pattern called "Desert Flowers". The pattern isn't actually new but I just got around to trying it for the first time. It's by Tauriel-Design and it's available in her Etsy shop. Last night I made a sample using CzechMates tile beads as directed in the tutorial but it was a little too chunky for my taste and the colors I used were too bland. So, today I gave it a try with Tila beads instead of the CzechMates and it came out more delicate and I really like the look of it. It comes out 3/4" wide with Tilas. It will also be cheaper to make a bracelet with that many Tilas than with CzechMates. There are six tile beads per motif so you'll need about 36 of them depending on the length you need for your bracelet. I kept all of the other beads the same sizes as listed except for the fire polished beads. I had to use 3mm fire polished beads instead of 4mm because Tilas are smaller than CzechMates.

Here you can see how it looks from the side where the bicone "flowers" are raised up on the surface:
 I used these beads in my sample:
  • 15/0 Matsuno seed beads "Copper" (15-457A)
  • 8/0 Matsuno seed beads "Copper" (8-457A)
  • Tila beads "Antique Bronze"
  • 3mm fire polished beads "Bronze Olivine"
  • 4mm bicones "Light Brown AB" (#C25AB - Beads One) 


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